Welcome to MegaCity Los Angeles Vision Information

OUR VISION "What do you hope to see come out of the Mega-Cities Project?" SYNERGISTIC ONGOING INTERACTIVE PROCESSES Community building workshops
"Spirit of LA" convening process & daily TV show Fully utilized "creative-true education" Synergistic systems of more effective communication (unified) Having network for inter-city communications
Cultural assimilation - respect, integration
Pre-elementary school self-esteem curriculum
Consumer/public affairs & communications clearinghouse
24 hour traffic radio station
NEW VISION CENTERS Local creative communications center
"Big Brain" shared info center
Create new myths of community
Mega Cities solutions applied to local community structure
Entrepreneurial registry
Renewal & celebration of ethnic diversity
Living library for social & technological innovation
SATISFYING BASIC NEEDS Basic human needs met (housing, food, educ)
Mandatory housing for everyone
Free, adequate transportation
Health care for all
Automated freeways
Everyone has a home
Recycled trash
Innovation polution solutions (air, water & land)
Clean bay - laws re: cleanup of ocean Exploding use of alternative energy
Plant trees
COMMON WEALTH CREATION Create entrepreneurial opportunities
Intrapreneurial system- you can make $ improving your city
Global community
Mega brain - global info center
Integration of public & private sectors
City/farm networking
TRANSFORMING THE SHADOW SIDE Create new opportunities for everyone: Positive gang activity
Real job training
50% crime reduction
THE "DO IT" BIAS Application of practical innovations
Make it happen!
Multi-level, responsive government

Maximize use of the available wisdom