Megacity LA Participants




Janet Aniline, Unity in Diversity, Executive Board Member Bob Barritt, On Target Marketing, Pres.

Jane Blumenfeld, Mayor Bradley’s Planning Advisor Fareen Dancer, Unicopia, Inc., President Dee Dee Diemer, Insight Seminars, Enrolllment Coord. Deborah von Ehrenberg, VP Consumer Affairs, CalFed Douglas Gosney, The Gosney Group, Co-owner Nelson Hernandez, Port of Los Angeles, Community Relations Lana Hollis, Banning Park Neighborhood Assn (B.P.N.A.) Frank Hotchkiss, SCAG, Regional Strategic Planning, Director Bo Lebo, Pacific Training, Outreach Coordinator Louise Manuel, Watts Labor Community Action Committee, Sr. Planner Michelle Morris, Body/Breath Therapist Harrison Owen, Consultant, Tidewater Project R. Grant Remy, Embodiment, Pres.

Georgia Rosenberry, Hellenic-American Chamber of Commerce, Pres.

H. Eric Schockman, Edmund G. Brown Inst. of Public Affairs, Director

Celia Sero, State of California, Disability Analyst

Simmie Seaman, B.PN.A., President

Leonard Snyder, Electrical Contractor

Don Harris Tartak, Marketing/Communications-Entertainment, Pres.

Marcia Waldorf, The Waldorf Group, Pres.

Kevin Wiese, Int’l Wealth Group, CEO/President

Boyd Willat, Day Runner Inc., Chairman

J.W. Ballard, Mega Cities Staff Coordinator

Don Cramer, ICA Associates, The ProSource Group, Facilitator

Raymond Rood, The ProSource Group, Senior Partner, Facilitator

Susan Huddleston, Documentor

Some of those who RSVP’d but were unable to attend:

Dorie Pye, Los Angeles Business Council, President

Norman Murdoch, Los Angeles County, Director, Economic Planning Felice Willat, Harper House, President Anna Childs, Pacific Design Center, Director, Marketing & Communications Barbara Walley, American Cable, Producer Don Roarke, Computer Evolution, President Kathy Farrell, Univance Corp.

Nola Nealy, California Bicentennial Foundation for the U.S. Constitution


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